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Hollywood’s fave iPhone app supports Apple’s go-to video format


iPhone filmmakers get HEVC support in Filmic Pro update.
iPhone filmmakers get HEVC support in Filmic Pro update.
Photo: Filmic

Filmic Pro, the gold standard iPhone app for filmmakers to achieve near-cinematic quality, released an update today to support the new HEVC format in iOS 11.

HEVC stands for High-Efficiency Video Coding (also called H.265), a compression standard that reduces the file size of videos while retaining much of the quality. This means users can store twice the number of videos on their iPhones or iPad Pros.

Apple adopted HEVC encoding and decoding support (alongside the JPEG-killing HEIF format for photographs) when it released iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra last month. However, HEVC recording is limited to devices with the A10 chip or later. These include this year’s iPad Pro, all iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models, and the forthcoming iPhone X.

Filmic Pro is an app used by professional filmmakers and mobile journalists. It offers greater control over the iPhone video camera and features a number of professional settings not standard with the native camera.

The updated app, free to existing users or $14.99 in the App Store, also includes an HEVC recording option in the resolution settings and a Time Code Track feature that reduces editing time.

Source: iDownloadBlog