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Logitech’s new keyboard boasts Apple Watch-style ‘Digital Crown’


Logitech craft keyboard
Touch it, and all kinds of things happen.
Photo: Logitech

Logitech’s Craft keyboard comes with one very neat extra — a knob hanging off the corner of its slim body. Called the Crown, this knob can control all kinds of things in different apps. Plus, it works as a handy brightness or volume knob in regular use.

Craft connectivity

The Craft is a backlit keyboard with Logitech’s Easy Switch tech built in. This is the same as you’ll find in the excellent K811. Easy Switch means you can pair the keyboard with up to three Bluetooth devices, and switch between them by tapping three buttons on the keyboard. This lets you use the same keyboard for a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone. Or perhaps a desktop Mac and a MacBook.

Speaking of Bluetooth, you can skip it altogether, opting to use the included Logitech Unifying wireless receiver instead, assuming your Mac has the proper port for the dongle.

Logitech Craft Crown

This is the Crown. It turns and clicks.
This is the Crown. It turns and clicks.
Photo: Logitech

The real gimmick here, though, is the Crown, a twisting, touch-sensitive knob that totally has nothing to do, naming-wise, with the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown.

Like its namesake, Logitech’s Crown switches functions depending on which app you use. Examples include changing the brush size in Photoshop, or finagling charts in Excel. Right now it only supports Adobe and Microsoft apps, but Logitech promises more for the future.

The dial itself is ratcheted for click-stop adjustments, and can be tapped or pressed. You adjust its functions using a companion Mac app. In addition to the Adobe and Microsoft options, you can also set the default behaviors at other times. For instance, the dial can be used to scroll through Finder windows, or Spotify playlists. It can be used to adjust volume, or screen brightness.

There are several combos available: Turn, press, and press and turn.

If the Craft is anything like the K811, then it will be a great keyboard. And with the addition of the Crown, it could be perfect for folks using creative software — if it’s supported, that is. It would be nice to see Apple’s own Final Cut, Logic and GarageBand on the list. You could always buy a Crown and hope that support is added in future, but that’s usually never a good idea, especially for a $200 product.

If you use Microsoft Office, or Adobe’s Mac apps, though, then this looks like a winner.

Price: From $200

Buy from: Logitech