iPhone 4 Case Review: Incipio’s ‘Feather’ Case Offers Thin & Lightweight Protection



If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone 4, you’ll be wanting to protect your shiny new device from scratches, scuffs and bumps. Now that it’s been around for a few months, there are a lot of cases on the market that claim to do just that, but how do you know which one’s right for you? I’ve lost count of the number of cases I purchased for my previous iPhones that, after using for a week or so, I decided weren’t suitable for a number of reasons.

This is where the iPhone 4 Case Review comes in; it’s a weekly review of a variety of iPhone 4 cases which aims to give you some advice and guidance on protecting your beloved new gadget. We’ll test out a range of cases so that you don’t have to, and hope to help you decide which case is best for you. We’ll try out snap cases, sleeves, protectors, pouches and anything else we can find!

Our first review is of Incipio’s Feather case. I chose this one first for one reason; out of all of the cases I purchased for my 3GS, the Feather was the one I used most and the one I was most impressed with, although it did have one flaw. Check out the review after the break.

What Is It?: The Feather is a snap on case that case boasts thin and lightweight protection, and aims to protect your iPhone whilst adding little bulk. Made from a ultra strong polymer, it features a smooth, matte finish and is available in a variety of colors at less than 1mm thick. Each case includes two screen protectors and a micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

What’s Good: The Feather fits the iPhone nice and snug, and at less than 1mm thick, it adds virtually no bulk. It’s incredibly lightweight and apart from its velvety-matte feel which increases grip, you’ll hardly notice it on your device. It’s stylish, looks great and comes in a rainbow of 12 different colors.

Unlike silicone offerings which seem to get stuck in your pockets, the Feather will slip in and out with ease. The volume buttons, sleep/wake button, headphone jack and silent switch are all left exposed for easy access, and the Feather is advertised as being compatible with “many docks on the market.” The Feather is easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

What’s Bad: After using the Feather for a good few weeks I’ve noticed that, because of its hard, shell-like structure, it’s not going to absorb a great deal of shock if you happen to drop your iPhone. It also leaves a lot of the front of your device exposed, as well as large areas at the top and bottom for easy access to buttons and the docking port, so you’ll be praying it lands flat on its back. Although the screen protector will protect it from scratches, and it’s not advertised as being ultra shock absorbent.

The biggest flaw is the same one that the iPhone 3GS’ predecessor suffered from; after a few weeks of use you’ll notice that the nice matte finish on the Feather soon starts to chip and peel off, particularly on the corners and edges. If you look after it a bit, though, you can prevent or reduce the finish from peeling.

Conclusion: Despite its peeling matte finish, the Feather is fantastic for anyone who wants to add some protection to their new iPhone 4 whilst preserving its good looks and keeping bulk to a minimum. If you want to prevent scratching the back of your device through daily use, the Feather does a brilliant job, however, if you’re prone to dropping it, I’d suggest something a bit thicker with better shock absorbency. With two screen protectors and a polishing cloth included, I don’t think it’s at all a bad price. Amazon are currently selling these cases for $16.26, which is 35% off the RRP.

The Feather is great if you’re looking to protect your device without adding too much bulk
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Name: Feather
Manufacturer: Incipio
Device: iPhone 4
List Price: $16.26
Amazon Link: Incipio Feather