Top Bullrun Rally Supercar Armed With iPad Running Trapster


trapster race

At least one car in this year’s NYC to Las Vegas Bullrun Rally — an invitation-only rally (which the organizers claim differs from a race in that speeding is not allowed…uh, sure) in which 100 supercars race (sorry, rally) across the U.S. Cannonball-Run style —  is packing Apple tech.

Defending champs Team Wu is packing a dash-mounted iPad running Trapster’s iPad app in their officially named “Trapster Cop Car” (because it resembles a cop car) — in an effort to keep law enforcement off their backs while rallying at-or-below the speed limit in their Vortec supercharger-equipped 2010 Dodge Charger.

Of course, Trapster should also alert them to road hazards; but that’s probably not the reason the team has called Trapster their “secrat weapon.” Good luck, guys.

[via Trapster’s blog]