“Plants vs. Zombies 2” To Be Announced in August?



The first draft of this post was composed jointly by an excitement-inspired cerebral aneurysm and my own paroxysmal face smashed repeatedly against the keyboard.

The second draft will be more succinct: PopCap games have just sent out an email featuring the Plants vs. Zombies rotting hand logo clutching a sign that says “Save the Date: August 2, 2010.”

The obvious assumption? Plants vs. Zombies 2. After all, the original has sold like gangbusters on every platform it’s been released for. A sequel is just money in the bank for Pop Cap.

Twisting my fingers to the point of splintering here. I’ve warded off over 50 waves of Super Garguantua Zombies with my endless survival gloom shroom setup in the first game. I’m ready for some new zombies on my lawn.