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Intel’s Cannon Lake processors may be delayed, again


Intel Coffee Lake
Intel's Coffee Lake processors have a lot of potential.
Photo: Intel

The next great update for the MacBook Pro may not happen until late 2018 thanks to a delay in Intel’s highly anticipated Cannon Lake processors.

Intel has allegedly decided to push back the launch of its Cannon Lake processors yet again, according to a new report that claims the company is now looking to launch them toward the end of 2018.

The delay is bad news for MacBook Pro fans who are hoping for more powerful machines sooner rather than later. One of the big benefits of the Cannon Lake chips is they would enable MacBook’s to pack 32GB of RAM, allowing for a heavier workload for professionals.

News of the delay is being reported by DigiTimes. The site says its supply chain sources have indicated that the company is having problems with its 10mm fabrication process. Notebook manufacturers are supposedly even thinking about abandoning the chips altogether.

“Some vendors are even considering skipping Cannon Lake to wait for the release of its successor, the Ice Lake CPUs, which according to Intel’s roadmap, should be available shortly after Cannon Lake’s rescheduled launch,” reports DigiTimes.

With the Cannon Lake processors, notebooks will receive a 25% boost in performance improvement while using 45% less power compared to the Kraby Lake processors currently on the market. This is the third time Intel has had to reschedule the launch though so manufacturers are undoubtedly considering changing their plans.