How to watch Apple’s epic iPhone X keynote


Another apparent leak from Apple serves up more details about the upcoming products, including this swirly new iPhone wallpaper leaked
The iPhone X will be revealed in today's Apple Keynote.
Photo illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The best way to follow along with Apple’s 2017 iPhone X keynote is to watch Apple’s own live stream of the event, and open up our Cult of Mac live blog in another window. Or maybe you want to follow along on Apple TV, instead? Here’s how to find everything you need — just don’t forget to bring a refreshing beverage to the show.

Where to follow the iPhone X keynote

If you’re watching on a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone, then just hit this link to Apple’s Live Stream from Mobile Safari.

If you’re tuning in from an Apple TV, then you should grab the Apple Events app, which is dedicated to showing — you guessed it — Apple’s own events. You can find it just by firing up your Apple TV and looking in the App Store. It’s right there in a banner across the top at the moment.

And however you choose to view (or ignore) the keynote, you can follow along on our live blog, which will be up and running alongside the event. And of course you can chat to us on the @cultofmac Twitter.

See you there!