Fring’s 3G Videochat App Is Must-Have For iPhone 4



Popular multi-IM and voice-chat service Fring has just been updated to bring 2-way video calling on iPhone 4 over 3G (Apple’s FaceTime is Wi-Fi only), as well as voice and text chat.

We’ve tested it out; while it has a few minor issues, Fring has freed videochat from Wi-Fi. If you like to videochat on your new iPhone 4, it’s a must-have app.

Yes, I know that the iPhone 4 has Facetime now, but as cool as it is, Facetime is still lacking some major features, such as 3G video calls and multi-platform compatibility.

Fring introduced the ability to receive video calls on the iPhone 3GS last year, but due to the lack of a front-facing camera on the handset until now, it was a little-used feature.

This latest update brings full 2-way video functionality to iPhone 4 users. In testing I was able in initiate a video call over the 3G (UK O2) network to a Skype user on OS X. Though the call process wasn’t as intuitive or easy as FaceTime is, and there was noticeable lag at certain points on the conversation, having the ability to make video calls while out and about made all the small issues disappear.

Other features include iOS4 multitasking, new social integration features and an updated address book view.

Fring is available for free in the app store now.