Today’s storytellers need today’s storytelling tools [Deals]


The Storyteller's Must-Have Mac Bundle
Whatever kind of story you're working on, this bundle of apps can help you tell it.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

These days, everybody is a storyteller. Whether you’re writing articles or journals, novels or screenplays, there’s a world of digital tools that you can benefit from. This bundle gathers 7 of those tools in one place, and for low price. From StoryMill to MacJournal, Narrator to Montage, and lots more, it’s got something useful to anybody who weaves narratives. And right now you can get the whole bundle for just $29. Read on for more details:


Screenwriting is a creative process, but it requires specific formatting and structure to work (and sell). Montage contains a suite of tools to keep your screenplay correctly formatted, with support for Final Draft imports.


StoryMill is a simple but powerful platform for novel writing. It provides a complete database for your characters, locations, and scenes, designed to include all the elements essential to an organized writing process.


Narrator is a text-to-speech and dictation app for Mac, allowing you to play back multiple voices in a story. Great for studying lines for a play, or just trying to hear how a written conversation sounds aloud.


Document important memories, life events, and ideas with this personal journaling and blogging app. You can include photos, images, video, and audio with any entry, making for a richer journaling experience than pen and paper.

Contour 2

This writing app was developed by Emmy-nominated writer Jeffrey Alan Schechter, encouraging the ideal balance of plot and character as drivers of the story. Following the Contour system offers a great way to stay structured and break out of writer’s block.

Mariner Write

Mariner Write is a hardy word processing tool for Mac, with a range of functionality for all types of writers. View parts of your documents at the same time, use customizable headers, footers, endnotes, footnotes, save documents as RTF files, and lots more.


This app is keyed for character development, offering tools for crafting characters around a set of archetypes. Built on time-honored psychological principles, it can help writers stay true to the motivations and interactions between different kinds of people.

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