How To: iPhone Binder Clip Stand



Inspired by our previous post on an iPhone stand from a standard binder clip, CoM reader Rich Sipe took matters into hand and fashioned another one, a bit more complex than the first one but it looks like it’ll give you a sturdy stand out of pinched office materials.

More on Instructables, too.

8 responses to “How To: iPhone Binder Clip Stand”

  1. Richard Sipe says:

    Thanks for featuring my stand, that is pretty cool. Anyways I uploaded a ton of better photos to flickr and am updating the post with better ones that were NOT taken with my iPhone ;) Feel free to use any of them.

  2. applelog says:

    This is really cool and budget solution, although is not so nice looking.

  3. Zapmast says:

    This is pretty cool. Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

  4. Allinson says:

    Meh. My vote goes for the iPlunge –