Samsung’s next stab at Apple Watch lands Wednesday


Samsung Gear S3
Samsung's fight against Apple Watch won't end.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung will take a new stab at Apple Watch on Wednesday.

The South Korean company has scheduled an event in Berlin on August 30, where it will unwrap a brand new wearable. A teaser animation posted on Twitter backs up recent rumors that have claimed health and fitness will be its primary focus.

Samsung was the first major technology company to embrace smart wearables with the launch of its first Galaxy Gear in 2013. It has rolled out new smartwatches and fitness bands every year since then, and even made them compatible with iOS.

Despite this, none have mounted any kind of real threat against Apple Watch — but Samsung won’t give up. On Wednesday, it will announce another new wearable that is expected to challenge Apple Watch’s best feature: fitness tracking.

It is believed to be called the Gear Sport. We’re expecting it be powered by all new internals, including a dual-core Exynos processor and 1GB of RAM, with new fitness tracking features. Like Apple Watch, it will offer workouts for activities like swimming and rowing.

SamMobile, which has a great track record when it comes to Samsung rumors, says the Gear Sport will the first device powered by Tizen 3.0. It will also offer standard Wi-Fi connectivity, plus Wi-Fi Direct for faster data transfers between the watch and your phone.

Other Samsung watches offer fitness tracking, and have heart rate monitors baked in. But they don’t offer the same kind of experience you get on Apple Watch, which really pushes users to be active and reach their fitness goals.

Samsung will be hoping to replicate that, but it seems unlikely it will have much of an impact on Apple Watch sales — especially not with Series 3 right around the corner.

  • Galaxy Life

    “But they don’t offer the same kind of experience you get on Apple Watch, which really pushes users to be active and reach their fitness goals”

    Really? From where do you get this trash? All day every day I get pushes, nudges and prompts from my Gear S3 Frontier which also has sensors not found in an Apple watch.

    In addition, I have sensors on my Galaxy S8 that are also not available on any iPhone which allows activities to be synched between my two devices.

    I can sync activities while you can only sync the data collected on your Apple watch.

    Oh, and the GPS on the Gear S3 actually works, not so on the Apple watch 2.

    • ConceptVBS

      Not to mention an actual working phone built-in to the watch itself that does’nt require you to have a phone. Apple watch doesnt have that. You need to have your phone to make calls.

      • igorsky

        Congrats on having the ability to look like an idiot while talking to your watch.

    • DrMuggg

      Not to mention that the sensors are crap; heart sensor is off by 15%, and I got a push on being a goooood person fixing the stairs – when i was driving uphill….

      So, crap….

      • Galaxy Life

        Here we go again, another iDiot claiming to have a device and calling it crap.

        What makes the S3 heart rate sensor crap but not the GPS on the Apple watch?

        You sound like every other iDiot.

      • DrMuggg

        Had the S3 for 10 days, returned it. Thanks to Netonnet’s nice policy of 30 days return, no q asked policy.
        The watch is really crap. I went back to my old “unsmart” watch. Still there. Because nothing is really a good smartwatch yet.
        You should really stop referring to other folks as idiots.
        I makes you sure look like one.

      • Galaxy Life

        There’s always a chorus of “I returned my Samsung ‘x’ because it was crap” and it’s always from Apple fans who don’t buy anything without an Apple logo on it and always calling everything crap but can’t say why. So yeah, idiots or iDiot if you prefer.

      • DrMuggg

        Seriously, I have tried to be nice to a geniune Ass*ole. Self combust you f**k.

  • ConceptVBS

    “But they don’t offer the same kind of experience you get on Apple Watch”

    What kind of “experiences” would that be? Please list in detail.
    Samsung’s Gear watches are more advanced than Apple’s. And thats a fact that you dont want to admit.

    • David Kaplan

      an integrated experience with a one stop shop for hardware, software, and services.

      • igorsky

        Don’t waste your time. These Samsung dopes will never understand.

      • Galaxy Life

        Every OEM offers that. And those are not the reasons people buy the Apple watch.

      • David Kaplan

        samsung makes their own OS? wasn’t aware….

      • Galaxy Life

        Apple makes their own displays, memory and other components? Wasn’t aware…… But yes Samsung makes it’s on OS, Samsung wearables run on Tizen not Android

  • Floris

    I have both the Apple watch and the Gear S3. I used both of them extensively and I the Apple watch is no competition for the Gear S3 when you’re not attachted to IOS.

    Besides the ‘toy look’ of the Apple watch the Gear S3 is far more user friendly in operating it and using it’s functions.

    I can use my Gear S3 without my Galaxy S8. I can make calls and I can receive messages when working out and leaving my S8 at home.

    If Apples makes a smartwatch out of cardboard Apple fans will buy it no matter what. Nothing to do with quality. It’s all about sektarian behaviour. That is the only reason the Apple watch is outselling the S3.

    • igorsky

      Yeah I’m sure you have both.

      • Galaxy Life

        It’s true, Apple fans will buy no matter what.

        Just look at how y’all complain so much about the iPhone yet as soon as a new model drops you rush out to buy it.

        Just look at how there are products and services that offer you what you want and are better than what Apple has yet you ignore it because it’s not Apple.

  • The problem is no matter what they do, Samsung looks like cheap junk quality to me. It’s like what Citroen is to car, Samsung is to quality. It could be better with LG or HTC…
    Without the fact that it’s ran by the ugly Android…

    • Galaxy Life

      Then the problem isn’t Samsung it’s you.

      If that’s how you feel about competing products “no matter what they do”

      • François Grant

        How funny, we have one of those sheep… Apple Haters.
        The same that make fun of Apple Sheep…