This app makes your computer a better writing tool [Deals]


Nisus Writer Pro
This straightforward app adds useful tools and functions, great for anyone who writes regularly at their Mac.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Our Macs serve a lot of purposes, and maybe the most common is as a writing tool. Whether for emails or Facebook posts, articles or books, the computer is our go to for turning thoughts and ideas into text.

That makes an app like Nisus Writer Pro a useful addition to most Mac owners’ toolkit. It’s a feature-rich word processing app with support for Mac OS X autosave, document versioning, and iCloud. It offers greater control over word processing than standard apps like MS Word and Pages. And right now, you can get Nisus Writer Pro for just $39 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Nisus comes with some cool points, like using RTF as a native file format so that documents can be opened on just about any machine. Of course, you can also open and save Word files and other popular formats. Plus, it sports customizable tool palettes, keyboard shortcuts for any menu, and the ability to add any menu to the toolbar. All of that is on top of what’s really just a straightforward, solid text editor. In all, this is a writing platform that adjusts to your preferences and habits. It’s worth trying out for anyone who writes on the regular.

Buy now: Get Nisus Writer Pro for $39. That’s half off the usual price.