Clever add-on expands and streamlines iPhone storage [Deals]


iKlips Wizard Storage-1
This single device can connect three storage solutions at once, and doubles as a handy kickstand.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One of the biggest reasons we use smartphones is to share media. But the increasing fidelity of pictures, videos, and other media is outpacing network speeds. You can try texting a 4K video to a friend, but make sure you’ve got a good book to read while you wait.

iKlips Wizard poses a clever, simple solution for storing and transferring massive media files between devices. It’s a combination USB, Lightning, and microSD connection that makes it possible to capture, store, and share even demanding content like 4K video. It’s also got a few other convenient goodies. And right now, you can get an iKlips Wizard Storage Expanding Card Reader for $59 at Cult of Mac Deals.

As a two-way device, you can manage files as well as store and transfer them. With a high capacity card you can record 4K video straight to the iKlips, without eating up iDevice memory. Also, among the nice features of the iKlips Wizard are its durable, flat braided leather Lightning cable. You can connect simultaneously to your computer, iKlips, and iDevice. Even cooler, an included ADAM plate holds the iKlips flush to the phone, and turns the USB housing into a handy stand. For the file-savvy, iKlips supports exFAT formats, with one-touch backup for apps and cloud storage. If this sounds useful, just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a microSD card.

Buy now: Get an iKlips Wizard Storage Expanding Card Reader for $59. That’s 14 percent off the usual price.