Name your price for a comprehensive coding education [Deals]


Pay What You Want- Learn to Code 2017 Bundle
Grab this massive bundle of essential coding courses.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

In 2017, coding is one of the most lucrative skill sets you can learn. Maybe you want to develop games, or websites, build mobile apps or just cool digital tools and toys. Whatever your ideas, you’re going to need an education.

Unfortunately, education is pricey. But that shouldn’t stop you from upgrading your abilities and marketability. That makes this deal something well worth checking out. It’s a comprehensive set of top notch coding instruction, with 10 courses clocking in at over 150 hours of content. It covers everything from Python to Ruby, Google Go and iPhone development, and plenty in between. And right now, you can name your price for the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle.

Here’s what’s included:

Learn How To Code: Google’s Go Programming Language

Learn to work with Go, Google’s open source programming language for building simple, reliable, and efficient software.

The Complete Python Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Python is widely considered to be the best programming language to learn first, thanks to its intuitive, object-oriented design.

Learn By Example: Scala

Get the lowdown on Scala, a general-purpose programming language that’s highly scalable, fast and efficient to work with.

Projects in Programming Languages: Ruby, Python, Java

Ruby, Java, and Python are the big three languages that all coders should know, comprising some of the most popular web app frameworks.

Learn Angular 2 from Beginner to Advanced

Write your own programs in the latest version of Google’s massively popular framework for building complex web applications.

How to Make a Freaking iPhone App: iOS 10 and Swift 3

Cover the basics of building iOS 10 apps in Apple’s official programming language, Swift 3, through hands-on projects to create fully functional apps.

The Complete Web Developer Masterclass: Beginner To Advanced

This massive, 51-hour course will give you a full background in a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks, from HTML to AngularJS and beyond.

Git Complete Mastery With GitHub: 100% Hands-on Git Guide

Learn the fundamentals of using Git, the free and open source distributed version control system, to build programs and apps more efficiently.

Professional Rails Code Along

Learn how to build a Rails application from scratch, following along with the instructor’s real process when he was hired to build this app.

JavaScript Programming Complete

Build real, working applications in JavaScript, one of the most commonly used programming languages for web and hardware alike.

Buy now: Pay what you want for the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle, a value of more than $1,500.