Portable speakers with immersive sound at a bargain price [Deals]


Sharkk Twins Bluetooth Speaker Set
This pair of Bluetooth speakers brings stereo sound to portable audio.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you think portable audio, Bluetooth box or pill-shaped Bluetooth speaker probably comes to mind. Although these popular personal audio devices are great, they’re hardly immersive. But when you turn one speaker into two, you can take immersive stereo sound on the road.

The idea is pretty simple. Sharkk Twins create a much broader field of sound than your typical portable speaker by linking two small speakers, each about the size of an iPhone 6. The result is portable audio that’s no less convenient than most Bluetooth speakers, but a lot more immersive. And right now, you can get a Sharkk Twins Bluetooth Speaker Set for just $37.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

You can use the Sharkk Twins speakers individually or together. That makes for a number of configuration options. The speakers automatically sync with one another and with your phone or MP3 player. With high performance Bluetooth 4.2, they connect across distances up to 30 feet. Each speaker puts out 5 watts, for a total of 10 watts of audio output split between the two speakers. That means sound can fill a room a lot more effectively than a single speaker, perfect for mobile movies or DIY dancefloors.

Buy now: Get a Sharkk Twins Bluetooth Speaker Set for $37.99. That’s a 36 percent discount.

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