Week’s best Apple deals: Get great prices on iPhones, iPads and wireless


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Jump right into these great deals on iPhones, iPads and dirt-cheap wireless.
Photos: Apple, iPM

Can’t wait for iPhone 8? Get great prices on iPhones and service this week, as well as one of the best iPad deals we’ve seen!

9.7-inch iPad 128GB WiFi for $360

If it seems like we’ve seen a lot of incredible prices on Apple’s new series of iPads recently, it’s because we have! This price on the 9.7-inch 128GB model is $14 less than the price we saw just two weeks ago and the best deal we’ve seen. You’ll need a Costco membership to get this price, but perhaps you’ve been meaning to sign up for one anyway.

Unlocked iPhone 7 128GB (Product) Red Edition for $725

Want to score a deal on an iPhone 7 and do some good at the same time? Apple will make a donation to the Global Fund to fight HIV and AIDS when you purchase this (Product) Red Edition iPhone 7. Not only is this the best price we’ve seen for it, but the red color looks rad!

Virgin Mobile 1-year unlimited service for $1

If you want to get a new iPhone and lower your wireless bill in the process, it doesn’t get much than this. Virgin Mobile will give you a year of service for practically nothing when you purchase a new iPhone. (Prices start at $280.) After that, service costs just $50 per month.

iPM Charger Case for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus for $20

If you buy a new iPhone, you’re going to need a new case. And you might as well get one that also charges your phone. At only $20, this is the best price we’ve seen for this iPM Charger Case.