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Find your lost Apple Pencil with this helpful app


Bluetooth Finder app
It's like Find My iPhone only for Apple Pencil.
Photo: Deucks Pty Ltd

Having to keeping track of your Apple Pencil with ugly accessories is the worst feature of Apple’s magical stylus. A new iPad app is promising to change that hassle by providing a Find My iPhone like solution for the Apple Pencil.

Bluetooth Finder is the first app specifically designed to help you track down Apple Pencil. Using Bluetooth triangulation, it gives users an approximation of where your lost device is located on a map.

Find My Apple Pencil

You can use the app to find other Bluetooth devices as well. Deucks Pty, the creator behind the app, told Cult of Mac that it was originally designed just for Apple Pencil. Apple wouldn’t approve it when it didn’t have any functionality other than finding Apple Pencil though, so the developer added functionality for all other Bluetooth devices too.

The Apple Pencil Finder does have some big limitations. It’s mostly useful for finding your Apple Pencil a few minutes after you lost it nearby.

If you restart your iPad after losing your device it won’t work. Tracking is done via Bluetooth so long distances are a problem as well.

Despite the drawbacks, if you’re someone that’s constantly losing your stylus or wireless headphones, Bluetooth Finder might be worth the $4 for some extra peace of mind.