iDapt Charging Station Will Charge Every Portable Gadget In Your Arsenal



Between cameras, gaming consoles, phones and laptops, proprietary cables and chargers are an irritating reality of the modern tech head’s life… and any solution that promises to consolidate them is going to find an audience with at least a few consumers with an OCD about clutter.

The iDapt charging station looks to be one of the more ambitious of charging stations, capable of juicing over 4,000 gadgets through a sleek base station capable of charging up to four devices at a time, in addition to a constabulary of interchangeable tips.

Naturally, it’ll charge anything that uses an iPod dock connector, as well as pretty much every other portable gadget under the sun. For $60, it looks like a good solution, although iDapt’s making its real bank by selling the adaptors, not the base station… and there’s just no getting around the fact that it’s way past time the world got a device charging, syncing and docking standard the way AV has HDMI.