Drone flyover video shows Apple Park is all work, little play


Latest drone flyover video showcases Apple Park in all its glory.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

Apple Park is really coming together, and a new drone flyover video by Matthew Roberts shows it.

The video showcases not just the circular “spaceship” HQ, but also the visitor’s center, Steve Jobs Theater, landscaping, and more. It’s impressive stuff, and definitely worth checking it out. Watch the video below.

A divisive HQ

As with a lot of the recent videos, this installment shows that the actual buildings on the Apple Park campus are more or less complete, although there’s still quite a lot to do in terms of landscaping of the outdoor areas. (Although the mini-lake is certainly looking good!)

A previous report suggested that Apple Park has been the cause of some major headaches for landscapers and architects hoping to buy trees for other projects. Apple has been buying up thousands of trees, which it has been storing in the nearby town of Sunol, as well as on the construction site.

Interestingly, the campus has achieved somewhat mixed responses from the press as of late. While few people can fail to be dazzled by the crazy levels of care and attention Apple is putting into getting all the details right, recently both Wired and Bloomberg have criticized the new HQ.

Wired criticized the HQ for being a backward-looking construction that’s likely to have a detrimental impact on its surroundings, while more recently an op-ed for Bloomberg compared the new site to Steve Jobs’ not-wholly-succesful NeXT Computer, which he created during his wilderness years outside of Apple.

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