Transform your to-do list into interactive flowcharts [Deals]


Pagico turns your dreary to-do lists into interactive, eye-pleasing flowcharts.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you sit down at the computer, you’re just as likely to get down to work as to get distracted. Having notes and tasks presented the right way can make all the difference. That’s as true on digital desktops as it is on physical ones.

Pagico is basically a proof of that concept. It’s a Mac app that collects your many notes and tasks and turns them in into cohesive, interactive flowcharts. The result is eye-pleasing and surprisingly good for productivity, which is something any digital professional can appreciate. What’s more, right now you can get Pagico 8.7 for just $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

The newest 8.7 release includes 14 new features and over 50 improvements. The basic flowchart hosts sub-projects and sub-containers, which makes it easy to get at details without having to click everywhere. A built-in tag browser makes it a lot easier to move between and among your various projects. Also included are task scheduling, a new calendar view, team tools, and free syncing among all devices for 6 months. But just having projects laid out in a visually appealing way is Pagico’s biggest boon.

Buy now: Get Pagico 8.7 for $19.99, that’s 60 percent off the usual price.