This handy Mac app can help you visualize and correct Wi-Fi weak spots.

Seek and destroy your Wi-Fi weak spots [Deals]


CoM - Netspot
NetSpot lets you create a 'heat map' of your Wi-Fi connections, along with tools for fixing the weak spots.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Because we live and work on Wi-Fi, we notice right away when the signal goes weak. Even though wireless signals are invisible, it’s amazing how sensitive we can become to where the blind spots are.

That makes NetSpot a welcome tool. It makes visible the spots where home or office Wi-Fi signals are strongest and weakest. Also, the app also offer a set of tools for maximizing signal strength, making it a useful tool for anybody who could benefit from a reliable Wi-Fi signal. And right now at Cult of Mac Deals, you can get a lifetime NetSpot license for $19.

NetSpot includes a handy mapping feature for spotting dead zones and finding the best hotspot placement. The troubleshooting tool makes it possible to identify connection issues, which means you won’t need an IT degree. That means this is useful both for setting up a new network or ironing out the kinks in an existing one. For more advanced users there are tools like upload or download speed tests, flexible access point grouping, and more. Also noteworthy, this is a lifetime license, meaning you’ll receive all future updates as they come out.

Buy now: Get a lifetime license for $19, that’s a whopping 72 percent off the usual price.