Reader Poll: How is Your iPhone 3GS Battery Life after the iOS 4 Update?


We’ve received some comments from iPhone 3GS users that their battery life after the iOS 4 update has declined. This can in most cases be attributed to poorly written apps or apps that don’t support the multitasking feature introduced in iOS 4. Are you experiencing this problem? Have you identified an app or some other reason for the decline in battery life on your iPhone 3GS? Tells us all about it in the comments.

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  • Pedsri

    aftr i upgrade ios 4 to my 3gs (iphone)
    battery time kills
    plz give any solutions to meeee

  • ryandavid1a

    Alright, so I upgraded to ios 4 awhile ago, ever since the battery life on my 3GS has sucked. I close all of my apps as soon as I’m done, all of my location services are off, I have close to minimum screen brightness, etc…


    the best update ever for 3gs is 3.1.3 fast , no hanging , life buttery was good
    now im using 4.3.2 it’s hanging , slow
    im gonna (down)date to 3.1 :PPPPP