Instagram lets you archive old photos you don’t want to scrap


Archive comes to Instagram.
Archive comes to Instagram.
Photo: Instagram

We’ve all uploaded Instagram photos that seemed a great idea at the time, and now we regret ever making them public. You don’t want anyone to see them, but you don’t want the memory to be gone for good.

Now you can archive all those embarrassing snaps instead of deleting them altogether.

You might have already purged your Instagram account of unwanted images a few times — probably after a break-up — and if you didn’t have those images saved elsewhere, there’s no getting them back. That’s not the case with archive.

When you archive a photo on Instagram, it disappears from your profile so that no one can see it. However, you still have access to it in the Archive folder, and if you change your mind about removing it, you can restore it to your profile later.

To archive, simply find a photo you don’t want to display anymore, tap the options button above it, then choose “Archive.” To restore a photo, find it in the Archive folder, tap the options button again, then choose “Show on Profile.”

Before you can take advantage of the archive feature, you’ll need to download the latest version of the Instagram app, which is available now on Android and iOS.