Wearhaus Beam brings you studio-quality sound without wires


LED rings let you customize your look.
LED rings let you customize your look.
Photo: Wearhaus

You don’t have to sacrifice audio quality when you opt for wireless headphones.

Wearhaus’ new Beam buds deliver studio-quality sound without cables, alongside a customizable look and unique features.

Wearhaus Beam offers everything you could want in a pair of wireless earbuds. Each bud boasts a 9.2 millimeter, 16 ohm audio driver for premium sound quality, and a durable design made out of aluminum and plastic.

They’re sweat-resistant and comfortable, thanks to ergonomic silicone ear tips. They also sport glowing LED rings that you can customize to match your look, or set to pulse along with your music using the Wearhaus app on your iPhone.

What makes Beam really unique is their patented Bluetooth technology that allows them to be synced with multiple Wearhaus products. This allows you to share music with friends without having to pair their headphones to your streaming device.

Like Arc, Wearhaus’ first wireless headphones, Beam are launching on Kickstarter. They’ve already surpassed their $20,000 funding goal with 43 days to go, but there’s still time to claim your Beam earbuds at early bird pricing of just $69.

Beam will be available at retail later this year, priced at $120.