Eero’s new Wi-Fi system is twice as powerful with tri-band technology


Eero's second-generation devices have landed.
Eero's second-generation devices have landed.
Photo: Eero

Eero’s second-generation home Wi-Fi system has landed, with big improvements for even faster internet.

It’s twice as powerful as before, and it’s the first access point of its size with tri-band technology. Couple it with the new Eero Beacon, and you can get super-fast Wi-Fi all around your home.

Eero isn’t just another pretty Wi-Fi router. Its goal is to be much more than that; a secure, customizable, and intelligent system that provides you with the best possible connection without the need for constant maintenance.

“Our goal has always been for technology to fade into the background of the home, and the products we’re announcing today get us one step closer to that reality,” said Nick Weaver, CEO and co-founder of Eero. “We want people to stay connected without having to think about their Wi-Fi or worry about digital home security.”

It starts with the second-generation Eero. It has the same design and footprint as its predecessor, but it’s twice as powerful thanks to tri-band Wi-Fi technology, which can deliver three wireless bands simultaneously.

This allows for a stronger, more reliable connection and internet that’s up to twice as fast. Eero also boasts two Ethernet ports — one for connecting to your modem, and another for hard-wiring devices like a games console or printer.

The new Eero Beacon works alongside Eero to extend Wi-Fi reach. It plugs into a wall outlet without the need for cables, and you can use many as you want to ensure you have strong Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere.

Eero Beacon also has a built-in nightlight, with an ambient sensor that automatically adjusts brightness depending on the time of day. It’s backwards compatible with first-generation Eero devices, and it’s incredibly simple to set up.

Both devices can connect to low-power objects like smart locks, doorbells and cameras. They intelligently switch frequencies in real time to deliver the best possible connection, based on current conditions.

What’s more, both products get over-the-air updates with new features, performance improvements and security enhancements.

That means you’ll never need to worry about security. Eero offers the strongest standard encryption between its devices, the cloud and its companion app for smartphones — plus WPA-2 encryption for devices connected to your Eero network.

For even greater peace of mind, you can now get Eero Plus, a service that ensures every device connected to your network is protected from sophisticated phishing and botnet attacks that take over devices like connected cameras.

“With Eero Plus, everyone using the network is blocked from accessing those sites before they even load,” the company explains.

“Unlike built-in protections included in the web browser or email, the database of threats Eero Plus protects against — millions of malicious websites with ransomware, viruses, phishing scams, and more — is automatically updated every second to keep people protected.”

We reviewed the first-generation Eero Wi-FI and found it to be a spectacular device. As promised, it eliminated wireless network headaches and Wi-Fi dead spots. Plus, setup couldn’t have been simpler.

The new Eero and Eero Beacon are available for presale today in the U.S., and online at the Eero website, Amazon and Best Buy. They’re scheduled to begin shipping “in a few weeks.”

The Eero plus one Eero Beacon are priced at $299, while an Eero with two Beacons is $399. Eero Plus is priced at $9.99 a month or $99 a year.