The ultimate Apple Watch charger, AI enhanced air con and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


The "most advanced" Apple Watch charger.
Photo: qCharge

CRBug-2Apple Watch chargers don’t have to be fiddly and cumbersome. qCharge’s built-in battery lets you charge yours wirelessly during short weekends away so that you can leave the cables at home.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We’ve also got an AI-enhanced air conditioning unit, a bracelet that keeps track of your child’s wellbeing, and more!

qCharge — the most intelligent Apple Watch charger

If you’re fed up with carrying a whole bunch of chargers for a weekend away, you need qCharge, the most intelligent charger for Apple Watch. It works just like a regular charger when you want it to, but also packs a built-in battery that lets you top-up wirelessly.

Its 3A current provides fast cable charging, while its 1,200mAh battery can extend your Apple Watch’s run time by 2x. qCharge is also incredibly safe, thanks to a built-in CPU for smart battery management, temperature sensing and regulation, and auto USB-type detection.

qCharge supports all models of Apple Watch, and it can currently be claimed through Kickstarter with a pledge of just $39.

Ambi Climate 2 — AI enhanced air conditioning

Almost every device we own these days is “smart,” so our air conditioner should follow suit. Ambi Climate 2 is a personal air conditioning unit that intelligently established the best temperature by using six factors: ambient temperature, humidity, weather, sunlight, and comfort.

This allows Ambi Climate 2 to provide the best cooling for you, no matter where you are. It’s easy to set up and its companion iOS and Android apps provide you with more information about your usage history and stats. Its creators claim it can also save you up to 30 percent off your energy bills!

Ambi Climate 2 is scheduled to start shipping in August, and you can pre-order yours through Kickstarter with a pledge of HK$772.

Kiddo — keep track of your child’s wellbeing

We all want our kids to be healthy, but without constant trips to the doctor, how can you be sure they’re fine and dandy? With Kiddo, the smart bracelet that lets you keep track of your child’s wellbeing.

Kiddo can monitor things like temperature, heart rate, sweat, and activity and provides alerts when it detects your child might be sick. Its companion app provides a daily overview of activity, sleep, and health, and notifies you when your child is “out of range.”

Kiddo is available in different designs for all ages, and offers fun apps and games to keep little ones entertained. It’s scheduled to begin shipping in December and is available through Kickstarter for a pledge of $79.

GoDuo — the powerful, magnetic Bluetooth speakers

GoDuo is a set of powerful Bluetooth speakers that provide you with loud, high-quality sound on the go. They’re magnetic so that they stick together for portability, but can be easily pulled apart for a wider sound experience.

GoDuo speakers are tuned by the former Director of Acoustic Engineering of Philips, and tested and adjusted in the same audio lab that manufactures for Sony and Samsung, their creators say. This helps deliver truly sensational audio and at affordable price.

GoDuo is available through Kickstarter with a pledge of $79 — 34 percent off its final retail price — and shipping is scheduled to begin in July.