Apple’s beautiful new ad celebrates Earth, as shot on iPhone


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.29.53
Ad includes words of wisdom from Carl Sagan.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted a great new ad from its “Shot on iPhone” campaign, showing off some stunning videos of the world shot by everyday users. The ad is titled simply “Earth.”

It comes days after Apple reconfirmed its commitment to environmental causes after President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. Check it out below.

Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple has become the most environmentally-friendly tech company in the world, according to Greenpeace.

Following Trump’s Paris climate accord withdrawal, Cook shared an open letter with Apple employees stating that the environment is still one of its biggest focuses. Apple has also joined a coalition of hundreds of U.S. companies and regulators, called “We Are Still In,” to support these issues.

The narration in the new “Earth” ad is from astronomer Carl Sagan, taken from his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space. Sagan reads the words:

“The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand. It underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the only home we’ve ever known.”

As an interesting side note, back in the 1990s Carl Sagan filed a lawsuit against Apple. When Apple was working on the Macintosh 7100, it used the name “Carl Sagan” as an internal codename. When Sagan found out, he suggested that Apple was suggesting that Sagan had endorsed that particular model of Mac.

Apple engineers were forced to change the name, which they did — to “BHA,” which stood for “Butt-Head Astronomer.” Sagan found out about this, and sued Apple over the implication that he was a “butt-head.”