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First Impressions: Google’s Voice Search Hits a Home Run



Google’s voice search application for the iPhone is nothing short of spectacular. After tantalizing would-be users with either a PR goof or a brilliant marketing ploy that resulted in a delayed release on the AppStore, the updated version of Google Mobile finally hit on Monday and I got it on to my phone last night.

It’s like the home screen says, “For voice search, just bring the phone to your ear and speak. Really, no buttons required!” The program offers to let you watch a video to learn more, but it’s about as easy as it gets to call up a search results page that gives you just what you’re looking for simply by speaking into the phone.

When I searched for “70 Harper” the program returned results for “cindy harper,” but when I amended the search to “70 harper street, san francisco” I got a Google map pinned exactly to the address I spoke into the phone. Speaking about the incredible performance of this free app with my colleague Leander Kahney this morning, he agreed Google has served up something pretty amazing, saying, “it even understands my weird English accent.”

Say what you will about Google having worn out its welcome, or being on the downside of its rise to Internet glory, this advance in mobile search technology is a huge leap forward in this reviewer’s opinion. The iPhone may not yet be a fully functioning Star Trek communicator, but Google’s voice search brings it closer than many thought we might get.

8 responses to “First Impressions: Google’s Voice Search Hits a Home Run”

  1. alex says:

    Great. google gives iphone douchebaggery new potential.

  2. Hal S. says:

    Doesn’t work well for me. Tried finding my kid’s school, Gerald Ford, with no luck. Tried many other things and frequently came up with the wrong things. I guess like all other Google apps this one is in perpetual beta.

  3. TackyTeddy says:

    Google has a GREAT App, worked 95% of the time for me. If you had the Google app already, then it upgraded to include voice search. Not sure if it was upgraded at the app store for first time DL’s yet. (the other day)

  4. says:

    I just got it for my ipod touch and it is amazing! Is there a version for laptops.