How to watch today’s live interview with Laurene Powell Jobs


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Steve Jobs' widow has been heavily involved with philanthropy over the past few years.
Photo: Recode

Laurene Powell Jobs has kept a relatively low profile since Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, but tonight she’ll be in conversation at the Code Conference — where she’ll be talking about her approach to philanthropy.

The on-stage interview will be with U.S. senator and Democratic party “rising star” Kamala Harris, and takes place at 8.30pm PST. You can watch it live at the link below.

While Steve was not the public philanthropist that his Microsoft rival Bill Gates became, Jobs’ widow has done some great work with the Emerson Collective. This is a philanthropic organization that invests in a range of different ventures, “from a high school for the homeless to Hollywood production companies that make ‘socially relevant content.'”

You can read more about Laurene Powell Jobs’ thoughts on philanthropy over at the Emerson Collective website.

Who knows? Maybe today’s talk will even include a previously-unrevealed anecdote or two about life with Steve Jobs…