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New video reveals redesigned iPhone 8 in all its glory


Is this what the new iPhone will look like?
Photo: Benjamin Geskin

Designer and leaker Benjamin Geskin has posted a short video online, showcasing what he claims to be an identical dummy unit of the iPhone 8.

Backing up a lot of previous rumors about the next-gen handset, Geskin’s iPhone features a curved glass infinite display, lack of physical Home button, and vertical dual camera setup. Check it out below.

In a subsequent tweet, Geskin noted that, “This is just [a] Chinese mockup” and “Not [a] real phone or prototype.”

What’s not clear from the video, or his comments, is whether this is built by someone in the supply chain with exact knowledge of what Apple will be releasing this fall, or if it’s from someone speculating based on online rumors. He also shared a schematic of what he claims to be the new iPhone 8:

This is what the new iPhone may look like.
Photo: Benjamin Geskin

Previously, Geskin has shared images that he claims to be authentic leaks, as well as his own imaginings of what Apple may be planning, or could have released — such as this design for a subtly different PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 7.

You can check out our post here for more details about what we’re expecting to see from the iPhone 8. It is likely to arrive in less than five months from now, accompanied by iPhone 7s and 7s Plus handsets, boasting slight upgrades from the present iPhone 7.

Source: Twitter