Cheating Husband Blames iPhone “Glitch”


Tech makes cheating more, not less complicated. Case in point: a desperate wife, going by the name of Susan042764, asked on the Apple forum whether raunchy photos of her husband could have automatically attached themselves to an email (send to a woman’s address) due to an iPhone “glitch.”

Honey, for your sake, we hope that’s the only “virus” he catches.

Via Inluminent

  • ATMB

    Sorry for OT, I didn’t know where to send this, Mr. Leander.. :)

    Well… other than to say that’s there’s an iMac in last episode of Heroes (in Mohinder Suresh’s lab in Pinehearst), I found another strange appearance.

    In the latest episode of Chuck (S02E07), Chuck’s iPhone has this strange do you notice something strange about it?

    Hope you’ll post this… ;)