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Leopard Screenshots: Possibly Fake



There’s several new screenshots lighting up the internet that are purportedly taken from a new Leopard build (9A410).

Posted to Hackintosh, MacRumors, Flickr and elsewhere, the screenshots show a new, simple UI that’s darker and sharper than the current — note the corners of windows are no longer rounded. There’s less brushed metal, more soothing grey.
The screenshots on Flickr look much more like the current UI (Tiger) ,except Mail now has a metallic look.
But there’s something fishy about them. The interface is too plain and stripped back.

Many on the MacRumors’ forums think the screens are fake, and one poster on Flickr is sure about it.:

“Fake! Fake! Fake!

I write themes for OSX. And, I can tell you how this was most probably done:

The file Extras.rsrc still kinda works in the betas for 10.5 although, I hope that it will be removed before release.

Anyway, Installer based themes (though out of favor in 10.4) still work by replacing Extras.rsrc among other files.

Someone swapped out the normal Extras.rsrc and took some screen shots. Since most of the guts of 10.5 do not depend upon Extras.rsrc anymore, I am confident that 10.5 would run with a 10.4 Extras file for now.

Note that you do not see any signs of resolution independence! That is what would break this fake theme (since res independence calls to images not stored in Extras.rsrc).”

More screens after the jump

 Downloads Apple Spotlight

Control Panel:

 Downloads Apple Arabesque

 Downloads Apple Open

Photo Booth:


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14 responses to “Leopard Screenshots: Possibly Fake”

  1. darcyfitzpatrick says:

    These all look terrible.

  2. Conner says:

    Hey, check this out. The corners actually aren’t rounded, it’s just bad cropping.


    Someone has a post about it there.

  3. Sisa says:

    I dont think that they are fake. This claim would be supported by thinksecret gallery http://www.thinksecret.com/arc…. Thinksecret doesnt usually post fake galleries.

  4. Ari says:

    *Sigh…* They are NOT fake, I have the leopard build myself.

  5. Brian says:

    the only reason the corners are not rounded is because the mac takes rectangular screenshots and they just didnt include all of the corners

  6. thmtrxmn says:

    WHY FOR THE LOVE OF F*CK sorry, its just, ah, I see a slow and progressive downward spiral In these, regardless of them being square or not, first it was spotlight, that searches fast but doesn’t search everything, and now this, and iTunes 7, I, I am entirely disillusioned at this point lol, my life of not having a life and being an OSX geek may be coming to an end, :(

    I can see the geek history books now (or Wikipedia)

    In 2000 Jobs said Rip to OS 9, in 2007, he gave OSX a death sentence, a slow death, becoming slowly less user friendly over years to come, and caring much less about ease of use and design.

  7. thmtrxmn says:

    Ok, enough with the dramatics, but, really? Why?
    This has to be the most monstrous perversion of Mac OS X yet.

    I just see a pattern of trading or abandoning good solid features, for new flashy features that have a tendency to function worse, and having been a windows user a loooong time ago, I easily recognize the trend.