iPhone 7 Plus goes to the barber shop in new Apple ad


portrait mode
Portrait Mode was in beta for a long time on the iPhone 7 Plus.
Photo: Apple

Apple is continuing to push Portrait Mode in its newest ad for the iPhone 7 Plus that takes place in a barber shop of all place.

The new ad was shared on Apple’s YouTube channel today promoting the Portrait Mode feature that is powered by the dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple’s fun new ad shows how Portrait Mode makes the ordinary look extraordinary by advanced tech to blur the background, making subjects pop more than ever.

Enjoy the funky new video:

  • jennyzeroo

    Are these ads supposed to SELL Apple products? Or pepperspray?

    • aromedia

      Irony or you’re just a dunky racist?

      • jennyzeroo

        Calling people racist. That’s topical these days.

        Cry wolf and feel good about yourself on your own time