Slork Plays MacBook Music


This is the sound of slork, the Stanford Laptop Orchestra.

All instrumentalists are equipped with a black MacBook and a hemispherical speaker pod made out of Ikea tableware.

The brain behind the orchestra is Ge Wang, and if his name sounds familiar that’s because you might have seen it mentioned recently in connection with the superb app Ocarina.

Recently highlighted at, slork makes use of custom software written by Ge Wang:

“I wanted to focus on the intersection of music and computer science. So I authored a language with my advisor, Perry Cook, and researchers at Princeton and beyond. We called it ChucK. It’s a programming language completely tailored for sound. It let us quickly synthesize sound and use various controllers in our performances.”

4 responses to “Slork Plays MacBook Music”

  1. kc! Bradshaw says:

    …shouldn’t it be “SLOrch”?

  2. garry bailey says:

    Some aspects were very nice. Others just noise.
    Keep practicing!!!

    Good Wishes.