Name your price to master mobile app development [Deals]


CoM - Pay What You Want- Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle
More than 100 hours of training will prepare you for a fruitful career in mobile development.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Mobile is the platform of the future, and learning to build apps for mobile devices is where the work is for developers. In a vast and fast-changing field, you’ll want a leg up to get started. That’s exactly what this massive bundle of nine iOS coding courses offers.

Clocking in at more than 100 hours of lesson content, it will teach you a wide range of tools, techniques and languages to build scalable mobile apps. The best part? Right now you can name your price for the entire Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle at Cult of Mac Deals.

This bundle really runs the gamut. You’ll learn to build mobile apps with React Native. You’ll study MeteorJS by building 10 working apps, and learn jQuery Mobile from scratch.

A complete course in iOS 10 and Swift 3, and a course covering the ins and outs of Sketch 3, will get you caught up on foundational concepts of development for iOS. You’ll also learn to make in-app purchases work, and a long list of other essential skills for your budding career in mobile coding.

If you’re looking to develop strong coding skills for the mobile future, you likely won’t find a better starting point than this.

Buy now: Name your price for this Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle, worth hundreds of dollars.