Reach inbox zero with a simple browser extension [Deals]


Throttle Pro
Control who sees your email address and what ends up in your inbox using this simple browser plug-in.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The inbox is a hazardous place. Full of important information and conversations, it also harbors loads of spam from people you’ve never met or even heard of. After a few days, the sheer volume of new emails can become overwhelming. That makes it all the harder to reach the fabled place called “inbox zero.”

A simple browser extension called Throttle Pro can help you get there. It prevents your email address from falling into spammers’ hands (among other useful tricks). And right now you can get a year of Throttle Pro for just $39 at Cult of Mac Deals.

With Throttle Pro, you can achieve inbox zero

One of the main reasons for inbox floods is that your email address is too visible. Once you install the Throttle extension in your browser, you gain a new level of control over who gets access to your email.

Throttle Pro does this by automatically creating a unique email address every time you fill out a form online. Plus, you can decide whose emails get allowed into your inbox, or use Scam Shield to find out and stop whoever tries to sell or share your email address.

You can also combine all mass mailings and notifications into a single daily digest email, reducing useless notifications. You can bypass the typical “unsubscribe” process to get off annoying email lists fast. And Throttle Pro also syncs your email to all your devices automatically for extreme ease of management.

That’s a lot of tools for cutting inbox clutter. Get Throttle Pro and start making your way to inbox zero today.

Buy now: Get a year of Throttle Pro for $39 — that’s a full 60 percent off the usual price.