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iPhone 8 mockup packs invisible selfie cam and 3D sensor


The iPhone 8 will be the greatest yet.
The iPhone 8 will be the greatest yet.
Photo: iFanr

Keeping one of millennials’ favorite features — the all-important selfie camera — poses serious challenges for Apple engineers if the iPhone 8’s bezels are as thin as we expect.

In a new mockup based on alleged iPhone 8 schematics that recently leaked, fans can get an early look at how Apple might make the entire front of the iPhone one giant display while also leaving room for light sensors, a speaker and a camera.

Take a closer look:

iphone X mockup
An OLEd display could make this possible.
Photo: iFanr

The top of iFanr’s mockup shows a 3-D sensor to the left of the speaker. To the right sits the camera and light sensor. Unlike the iPhone 8 schematics from last week that showed a Touch ID button on the back of the device, this concept embeds Touch ID into the display.

Previous iPhones all packed sensors in the top bezel above the display. By using an OLED display on the iPhone 8, Apple could put the sensors directly behind the screen (as it did with Apple Watch, the first Apple product with an OLED display).

The back of the mockup shows Apple switching to vertical dual-lens cameras. Instead of putting the flash on the side, it’s been moved in between the two lenses.

Apple isn’t expected to unveil the iPhone 8 until this fall, so there’s plenty of time for things to change. Rumored features Apple is expected to add include wireless charging, AI-powered Siri, 3-D sensors and improved cameras.