Man builds working iPhone 6s using spare parts bought in China


These are the 4 main parts you need.
These are the 4 main parts you need.
Photo: Strange Parts

Want to save a ton of money on a new iPhone? Try building your own.

Using a bunch of replacement parts bought at a marketplace in China, an ingenious YouTuber proves it’s entirely possible to build your own iPhone 6s. It turns out buying the parts is way cheaper than getting an iPhone 6s directly from Apple, as long as you’re cool assembling the tiny parts on your own.

Instead of trying to make an iPhone 7, YouTuber Strange Parts decided to build an iPhone 6s. Apparently the 6s parts are more readily available in China: Most iPhone 7 replacement parts come from used units right now, so they’re harder to come by.

Finding the right parts

One of the biggest issues that came up was when he wanted to assemble his own screen. It can be done with bulky equipment, but finding a bare LCD/digitizer is incredibly hard. As a way around it, he bought a broken iPhone 6s screen and had a repair shop reassemble it with new parts (other than the digitizer, which still worked).

It took Strange Parts about two months to buy all the components and assemble the iPhone 6s with 16GB of memory. Altogether, he estimates that the parts cost him about $300. However, he spent about $1,000 total on a bunch of duplicate parts he didn’t actually need.

Full details on the process of assembling the iPhone 6s are supposed to be coming soon. Until then, watch the video on how it all came together.

Via: 9to5Mac

  • Jurassic

    I don’t get it. Why didn’t he just buy a used iPhone 6s for a lot less than the $1,300 he spent… And also not have to worry about if it will work or not after you assemble it?

    • Rafterman00

      I think it was more of a “because he can” situation. Just to see if he could do it.

    • Roland of Gilead

      You’re clearly not an engineer

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  • Michael Ajoodan-Poor

    It sounds like so much fun !!