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Apple’s iAds Test Spotted in App Store Ahead of Launch



Although Apple is not set to launch its iAds platform until July 1, placeholder tests are already being spotted at the App Store. The placeholders appear with the iAd logo in apps for developers OneTap Movies and the Yellow Pages, according to Monday reports.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs told a Worldwide Developers conference that 17 advertisers had already signed onto the platform, committing up to $60 million for iAds. Jobs said 60 percent of that money will return to developers. “Apple sells and serves the ads, and you recieve 60 percent of the advertising revenue,” he explained.

Although the ads are billed as “providing the emotions of TV with the interactivity of the web,” they could also mean big bucks for Apple and a huge audience for advertisers. The average user spend 30 minutes per day within an app, according to Jobs. If an ad is served every 3 minutes, that means 10 ads per day. Multiply that by 100 million devices and you have 1 billion apps served each day.

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