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Superb space flyer Hyperburner goes free on iOS


This great iOS game makes you feel like the hero in your very own sci-fi blockbuster.
Photo: Hyperburner

The only thing better than a great iOS game is a great free iOS game, and thanks to a new special offer, space flight simulator Hyperburner now fits the bill.

Launched in June last year, Hyperburner is a futuristic sci-fi jet simulator that’s bound to please any fans of Wing Commander or the classic WipeOut series, with its fast-paced, responsive, obstacle avoidance gameplay. And if dodging obstacles is your thing, now you can dodge paying for it, too!

Like a sci-fi movie brought to (mobile) life

Hyperburner may not be the most original game out there, but in terms of gorgeous graphics and an adrenaline-pumping experience you really can’t go wrong.

The controls are particularly superb, with a level of responsiveness I haven’t seen in another game of this type. Some slower-paced games can get away with a clunky control scheme, but in a title that has you weaving between moving rocks and the gears of giant machines at various improbable speeds, a bad control system would have crippled this title before it even got off the ground.

As it is, you get a smooth, intuitive — and oh so beautiful — experience which feels like that moment in a space opera where the ship manages to avoid certain demise and lives to tell the tale.

If this concept appeals to you at all, you quite simply won’t find a more fun or addictive gaming experience on iOS. Highest of recommends!

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