iPhone Art Ready for Galleries?



Photographer Russ Croop has been creating art on his iPhone using an app called NetSketch that allows you to draw using your fingers, like the above “Point Lobos.”

Croop’s colorful creations look more like art (check out his online gallery, where you can also watch them being made in video form) and less like displacement practice than most, but local galleries have not yet signed him on to show them, according to iArt Mobile.

Maybe art on such a small screen underwhelms them, assuming the idea is to show works on the iPhone, but it’s probably just a matter of time. iPod art has already found its way into galleries.

Image courtesy Russ Croop.

  • Keni Davis

    One unique strength of NetSketch is its vector-based painting tools. Therefore, the artwork can be reproduced at sizes of over 70 inches! I can see galleries jumping at the opportunity to show a print that large next to an iPhone showing the original art on a screen barely 3 inches. Russ has produced some gallery quality work which will one day hit the galleries.

  • Chris Sanders

    Russ Croop is a NetSketch God. His artwork is truely amazing. I agree, it”s gallery quality work.

  • Erik


    @Keni-I’m shocked! At 70 inches could you still generate a sharp print of such a small painting? Insane! I wonder, couldn’t this technology be applied to low resolution cameras?

    Thanks for the post!!!

    Erik (Masterpiece Online)