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Apple strikes 2-year deal with Samsung to build curved iPhone displays


iphone 8 display
Could this be Apple's next iPhone?
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple reportedly signed a two-year contract with Samsung Display to supply small-size curved OLED panels for future iPhones.

The deal, valued at $9 billion, would see Samsung Display ship between 70 million and 92 million curved displays to Apple this year alone.

In order to meet demand, Samsung Display is said to be converting an LCD factory in Asa into an OLED panel plant.

Recently it was reported that Samsung had received an offer from Apple for “over” 70 million OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone. The massive orders being talked about cement the view that the iPhone 8 is set to be a massive deal for Apple and customers alike.

Apple’s massive demand for OLED displays is already being predicted to strain the entire world supply. With OLED displays on the cards for Apple, there have long been reports that Samsung is ramping up its OLED facilities in order to cope with the increased demand. At present, reports suggest that OLED display will only come on the premium iPhone 8 model, while two other iPhones will settle for regular LED displays.

With Apple clearly moving in an OLED direction, Samsung’s not the only company to invest in OLED technology, however. This time last year, major Apple manufacturer Foxconn acquired struggling iPhone display maker Sharp — based partly on Sharp’s number of OLED-related patents.

In addition to OLED displays, the new flagship iPhone has been rumored to boast an all-glass body design with wireless charging, slimmer bezels, 3D facial recognition sensors, Touch ID embedded into the display, and improved internal specs. (Although some reports have painted a less impressive picture.)

Via: Digitimes