Robotic drawing boards, chipboard wallets and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


You can finally play drums without the drums.
You can finally play drums without the drums.
Photo: Drumistic

Crowdfund Roundup bug If you’ve ever wanted to play the drums but you don’t have the space for a real kit, you need Drumistic. These amazing sensors let you play, record, and improve your drumming with nothing more than a set of sticks.

They’re just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We’ve also got a gorgeous wireless keyboard inspired by classic typewriters, a 100 percent sustainable wallet made from chipboard, a robotic drawing board that controls itself, and more!

Penna, a retro Mac keyboard (iOS too)

Still miss the deafening clunk and iconic design of an old typewriter? You can bring it back with Penna, a gorgeous retro keyboard for Mac and iOS.

Packed with Cherry key switches for a firm click, a macro bar for frequent shortcuts, and up to six months of use on just two AA batteries, it’s the old-school keyboard made for modern machines that you’ve been waiting for.

Penna will go live on Kickstarter tomorrow, April 6, and if you’re quick, you’ll be able to claim yours at early bird pricing of $79 to $100 off the planned retail price. Shipping is set to begin this August.

Chipwallet, a green DIY wallet

Like no other wallet you’ve ever owned, Chipwallet is made out of recycled chipboard and 100 percent sustainable. You build it yourself after popping out the individual plates and securing them together with a woven elastic band. You can then fill it with cards, cash, keys, and more.

What’s great about the Chipwallet is that you can customize it by placing the plates in an order that suits you, and leaving out those you don’t need. Its plain design also gives you the freedom to add your own decoration.

Chipwallet is designed to carry up to 12 cards in an ultra-compact package, and it’s incredibly affordable, starting at just $12 if you get in at early bird pricing. You can claim yours on Kickstarter now.

ZeTime, a smartwatch with mechanical hands

ZeTime is the world’s first smartwatch with real mechanical hands built into its touchscreen display, giving you the best of both a traditional wristwatch and a modern wearable.

The hands provide “always-on” time that do not require the display to be woken, but behind them, there’s a high-resolution TFT display that gives you all the features you would expect from a smartwatch, including fitness tracking, notifications, and apps.

The ZeTime smartwatch offers up to 30 days of use in between charges, has a water-resistant design, and packs a heart rate monitor. It’s compatible with Android and iOS, and there’s a whole host of interchangeable bands to choose from.

You can reserve yours today with a pledge of $139 on Kickstarter.

Joto, a robotic drawing board

Terrible at drawing? Let Joto do it for you! Joto is a robotic drawing board that hangs on your wall and sketches pictures and notes that you send it from your smartphone. It cleans itself with a built-in eraser, and its powered by the mains, so you never have to charge it.

Joto can take down your to-do list and reminders, write up your appointments for the day ahead, keep you updated on the news, and even display your messages. There’s also an API that allows Joto to integrate with your favorite apps, like Slack, Twitter, and more.

Or you can just use it for cute pictures and drawings! A standard Joto board starts at 165 pounds ($206) on Kickstarter, and shipping is scheduled to begin in December.

Drumistic virtual drum sensors

Now you can finally play the drums without an actual drum set! Drumistic allows you to play, record, and improve your drumming using nothing but a set of sticks. You can drum when you want and wherever you want like never before.

You can get up to four Drumistic sensors that attach to your sticks and to your shoes. They then connect with the companion app on your smartphone, which you can use to map out your “hitting zones.” You can then slap on a pair of headphones and rock out in mid-air.

Drumistic starts at 119 euros for two sensors and rises to 189 euros for four. You can pre-order yours through Kickstarter now, but bear in mind they aren’t scheduled to start shipping until next March.