Apple Mail manager leaves to work on third-party email app


Former Apple Mail engineer Terry Blanchard.
Former Apple Mail engineer Terry Blanchard.
Photo: Readdle

One of the most important engineers behind Apple’s own Mail app has decided to leave the company and lend his skills to another email app creator.

Readdle, makers of the popular Spark email app for iOS, has hired away former Apple Mail engineering manager Terry Blanchard to work on ‘the future of email’ after he helped Apple develop its email app for the past six years.

In a statement announcing the hiring, Readdle says Blanchard will be working with the Spark to create a product that makes people love email again.

“Spark is modernizing email as we know it. We share a fundamental vision of what the future of email should be. I’ve always admired Readdle for their beautiful and innovative products, which makes them the ideal company to turn that vision into a reality,” said Blanchard in a blog post on Readdle’s site.

While working at Apple, Blanchard led the development team that created updates for the Mail app on iOS and macOS. His official title at Readdle hasn’t been given, but he’ll most likely be in charge of the Spark team and other areas of development.

The Spark email app is currently available on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Readdle says its building an Android version. New features are on the way too, including automations and team mechanics to change the way companies use email.