ExoLens iPhone 7 case makes ZEISS lens super-convenient

New iPhone 7 case makes ZEISS lens super-convenient


This case by ExoLens will protect your iPhone 7 and sport a ZEISS lens.
This case by ExoLens will protect your iPhone 7 and sport a ZEISS lens.
Photo: ExoLens

Many photographers have been impressed by the picture quality from their iPhones when paired with the mobile camera lens attachments crafted by legendary optics manufacturer, ZEISS.

But some of the compromises can be daunting. The brackets, made by partner ExoLens, used for mounting meant being in the field without a protective case. With that, combined with a rather hefty chunk of glass, the handset suddenly becomes something difficult to stuff in your pocket.

Using these pro-grade lenses are now easier, at least for shooters carrying the iPhone 7, after ExoLens announced Tuesday a protective case with a quick-and-easy lens mount was available for purchase.

ExoLens, which announced at CES in January that an iPhone 7 case was in the pipeline, is developing a case for the dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus for release later this year. A company spokesman told Cult of Mac ExoLens has no plans to make cases for older handsets, like the iPhone 6s.

The durable clear case and the ZEISS lenses can be purchased on the ExoLens website.

ZEISS is one of the biggest names in photography and ExoLens is an established provider of mobile photography accessories.

The ZEISS line includes a super wide, a telephoto and combination zoom-macro. ExoLens rolled out the first lens in June 2016 for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. To get the ZEISS attachment properly aligned with the iPhone lens, ExoLens designed a cool-looking aluminum bracket that attaches to the backplate. There is also a smaller top-edge bracket that slips over the iPhone lens to provide a ZEISS mount.

Reviewers have praised the optics, but mince no words when it comes to the cons, which for some included frustration with the brackets and the understandably steep prices. The wide and zoom-macro lenses each costs $149. The telephoto runs $199.95.

(Here is a review from the iPhone Photography School).

ExoLens joins other mobile phone lens companies, like olloclip, Moment, in bringing users a protective mount case for lenses.