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Godfather of Android teases new bezel-free smartphone


Essential Products' first smartphone may look a bit like this.
Photo: Xiaomi

Bezel-free screens are set to become the biggest trend in Android smartphones this year, if a new teaser from the creator of Android is any indicator.

Former Google employee and godfather of Android, Andy Rubin, tweeted an image this afternoon hinting at the smartphone he’s been working on at his new company. You can only see a corner of the screen, but it looks pretty intriguing.

Take a look:

The new smartphone is a product of Rubin’s newest company, Essential Products. Early rumors have claimed the phone will use AI software as one of its distinguishing features.

Other Android handset makers have already showed off similar bezel-free designs. Xiaomi Mi MIX concept has an edge-to-edge 1080p display. Leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy S7 phone show that Samsung is taking a similar approach with its screens too.

It’s hard to tell what operating system Rubin’s Essential phone is running based on the small corner of the screen showing the time and network info. Essential is expected to officially unveil the phone sometime in mid-2017.

Apple is also rumored to be experimenting with a bezel-free screen for the iPhone 8. The device will supposedly feature an all-glass body with a curved display. Other features could include wireless charging, improved cameras, Augmented Reality features, facial recognition and more.