Retrospect makes even the most massive Mac backups simple


For companies of any size, you're unlikely to find a backup solution as powerful and easy to use as Retrospect.
Photo: Retrospect
  • digitaldumdum

    “Retrospect makes even the most massive Mac backups simple”

    Totally confused by this “story.” First, the author is listed as “Staff Writer.” Second, the first line (technically a heading, I suppose) is “This post is brought to you by Retrospect.” This looks like an advertisement, pure and simple. If it is, just say so.

    I have a LOT of past experience with Retrospect, using it as far bask as System 5(!), all the way forward to struggling with a version for OS X several years ago, and through at LEAST three different companies who tried to rebrand it.

    Years ago, pre-OS X, Retrospect worked •great• with DAT tapes, tape arrays, and later with hard disks and even the “new” media DVDs. It was was to use and reliable. However, all later versions were horrible. They were buggy, completely bloated, had a very confusing UI, and worst of all, they were unreliable… something you DON’T want in a backup and archiving program. Each company sold it to the next (not ONE of them honoring previous purchasers with support), and not one version was any better.

    I don’t mind CoM hawking product “deals”, but an unnamed writer (read: marketing brochure) talking about what I consider a terrible piece of backup software is something else.

    • lint

      It’s obvious it’s a paid feature (ie. ad) from the disclosure at the
      start so I’m not sure what other else you want from the site regarding this.
      Appreciate your thoughts on the product though!

      • digitaldumdum

        That’s as may be, but if these ad-type “features” have been on CofM, I haven’t noticed them. Personally, I feel •no• piece of software, at least something as vital as a backup and archiving software, should be touted without completely vetting first. Just one (experienced) man’s opinion.

  • Stetch

    I use Crashplan. Cant be more simple than that.