VR headsets you can actually afford, and more [Week’s Newest Deals]


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Convert your smartphone into a VR headset, design your dream home, and more in the week's newest deals.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As we roll into a new week, the Cult of Mac Store has caught some killer deals on gadgets and gear. From a set of streaming on-ear headphones, to an autocad for buildings and houses, high quality VR headset you can actually afford, and a rugged little Bluetooth speaker, this is one mixed bag worth digging into. Read on to learn more:

CoM - Urge Basics M2 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones
Studio level sound quality meets wireless flexibility with these awesome wireless headphones.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Urge Basics M2 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – 50% off

The M2s make up the other half of the Urge Basics M Series, with the same dynamic, clear streaming and ambient noise reduction of the M1’s, but featuring an on-ear design. You can listen with or without wires — whatever’s your thing — for a focused listening experience with call and control features you expect from any set of headphones.

Buy now: Get a set of Urge Basics M2 for $29.99, half off the usual price.

CoM - Live Home 3D Pro for Mac
Whether it’s a garage or a grand skyscraper, this powerful app lets you design and tour any building you can imagine.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac – 64% off

When redesigning or renovating your home, planning will make the critical difference between ending up with success or a mess. Live Home 3D Pro was created for anyone with a construction project, to build from the ground up everything from a simple shed or living room, to a complete skyscraper. Design advanced 2D floor plans with simple point and click tools, with the option to add more complex materials with reflective and glossy surfaces to test out interior design ideas. You’ll also be able to set the virtual mood with full control over light, and create HD video tours of your newly realized ideas.

Buy now: Get Live Home 3D Pro for Mac for just $24.99, that’s 64 percent off the usual price.

CoM - VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset
If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got a gateway to virtual worlds, thanks to this affordable VR headset.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset – 71% off

Virtual reality is all the rage, but you can only take part if you can afford to drop a car payment on a headset. Unless you do the sensible thing and get hold of a headset like the VRX10. They instantly turn almost any iPhone or Android phone into the engine of a fully immersive VR experience. Not only is this headset cheaper than its big box brothers, it’s simpler. Just download 3D videos, games and other experiences to your phone and enjoy them anywhere.

Buy now: Get a VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset for $19.99, that’s a whopping 71 percent discount.

CoM - Mini Terrain Sound Bluetooth Speaker
This Bluetooth speaker is tiny but tough, with high weather resistance and a long lasting battery.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Mini Terrain Sound Bluetooth Speaker – 43% off

There are a ton of Bluetooth speakers on the market, but few are as compact and cool looking as this one. Looking like something Captain Kirk might carry to the beach, the Mini Terrain is lightweight, tough, and built to move. It even sports a carabiner to clip-on and go, with a rechargeable battery that’ll last for five hours straight on a single charge. This little Bluetooth brick also has a weather resistance rating of IPX4, meaning it’s durable enough to stand up to rain, sand and mud.

Buy now: Get a Mini Terrain Sound Bluetooth Speaker for $16.99, 43 percent off the usual price.

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