Galaxy S8’s slo-mo video will blow iPhone 7 away


Samsung's next-generation Note will have two rear-facing cameras.
Samsung's next-generation Note will have two rear-facing cameras.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

iPhone wasn’t first to shoot slow-motion video, but like a lot of things, it certainly popularized it. Now the feature can be found in every high-end smartphone, but none of them can shoot slo-mo video like the Galaxy S8 will.

According to a new report, Samsung’s next-generation smartphone camera will be capable of capturing an incredible 1,000 frames-per-second.

In a nutshell, when it comes to recording slow-motion video, the higher the number of frames, the slower the video will be. This is handy when shooting things like wildlife or explosions, when you want the slowest motion possible for focusing on subtle details.

With the iPhone, and most Android-powered flagships, you can shoot up to 240 fps. But according to a report from South Korean news agency Naver, the Galaxy will be capable of capturing slo-mo at a staggering 1,000 fps.

To give you an example of what that might look like, here’s a slow-motion video shot at 1,000 fps. Bear in mind that it was recorded with a Redlake N3 camera, not a smartphone, so the image quality likely won’t be quite as good from the Galaxy S8.

And there’s a slow-motion video shot at 240 fps on iPhone.

Notice how the motion is much slower in the first clip, giving you more time to appreciate the trick? It’s much easier to make out exactly how the trick was performed.

“For this purpose, Samsung Electronics (005930) placed DRAM as a storage device between the pixel part of the image sensor and the circuit part,” explains Navermachine-translated. “As a result, advanced technology has been achieved to transmit and store images at a much faster rate than to transmit images using cables.”

It’s unclear at this point what the resolution of 1,000 fps videos will be from the Galaxy S8. It could be that it’s so low, you wouldn’t want to use super-slo-mo recording in most cases. However, we can’t imagine Samsung would ship it if it wasn’t at least 720p.

It might not be long before the iPhone catches up, either. Sony, which is one of Apple’s camera partners, has already announced a smartphone sensor — and built it into the new Xperia XZ Premium — that can capture slo-mo video at 960 fps.

Via: SamMobile

  • Andre luiz santos

    I think it’s going to explode away….

  • PJ J

    I sure hope that the next gen Samsung phone will beat a current gen phone.

  • igorsky

    Awesome feature…will be useful to about .00005% of the population.

    • evcharger

      Yes and so are the most of the new whiz-bang features on all new flagship phones including iphone. Smart phone revolution is over. Buying a mid range or even low end smart phone is fine choice these days.

  • Jimmy Gunawan

    Cult of Mac article has been suck lately, praising Samsung and mocking Apple..

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Hmmm.. Comparing last year’s iPhone to this year’s Galaxy? I’m sure the iPhone 8 will be on par or maybe even better than this year’s Galaxy.

    • Jimmy1259

      Don’t you think when the iPhone comes out they will compare it to the Galaxy? That’s just the way it is.

    • Tom

      Yeah Right, last check an iphone has a 750p lcd screen all the rage in 2010. The S8 like s7 like s6 and previous phones have Amoled and for last 3 years 2k Amoled. The iphone is not on par, yhe iphone 8 with some new technology apple has invented called amoled will be thier first. Not On Par by a long shot

      • EdRed


  • Big deal. The Galaxy S8 isn’t even on the market yet, and when it is, iPhone 8 or what ever it will be called will be out soon after. In the end, I don’t care about any features that Samsung’s phones have. Last year’s release of the S7 should have killed their smartphone business. They rushed that product to market without caring about quality. Samsung should be sued out of existence. They have no integrity.

  • isitjustme

    you are right all those who were laughing at the barista joke will be queuing to buy the s8 or whatever.

  • neutrino23

    If you just want more time to see the trick you could slow down the playback.
    Still, 1000fps would be fun for some things like watching dragonflys capturing bugs in midair or hummingbirds feeding or poking water balloons with pins.
    Don’t forget, 16x speed needs 16x more light.

  • KlingOn2K

    iPhone doesn’t have to do anything special. The fanbois will pay for the brand alone. iPhones have been behind the tech curve for some time now but who cares?