Apple hires renowned iPhone jailbreaker to help protect privacy


iPhone 7
If you can't beat 'em, hire 'em.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

One of the world’s top iPhone security experts and jailbreakers has decided to help Apple in its battle to keep iOS secure.

Jonathan Zdziarski, who was active in the iPhone jailbreaking community for years, revealed today that he has accepted an offer to join Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team.

Details on what Zdziarski will be doing at Apple haven’t been disclosed. In a blog post announcing his move to Apple, Zdziarski says that he joined the company to help protect privacy.

“I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a position with Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team, and am very excited to be working with a group of like minded individuals so passionate about protecting the security and privacy of others.

This decision marks the conclusion of what I feel has been a matter of conscience for me over time. Privacy is sacred; our digital lives can reveal so much about us – our interests, our deepest thoughts, and even who we love. I am thrilled to be working with such an exceptional group of people who share a passion to protect that.”

Zdziarski was known as NerveGas in the iOS hacking community. He also provided expert analysis and insight during Apple’s battle with the FBI to hack the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone 5c. His Twitter account also provided useful information and commentary on hacking and security related issues, but it has been deactivated now that he’s joined the mothership.

  • I’m Right You’re Wrong

    If you want to protect the privacy of people who cheat on their wives, that’s fine. If you want to protect the privacy of a terrorist that is trying to kill innocent people, then you’ve aided and abetted a killer. Give the tools to the govt. Apple, no one there cares if you’ve told you’re wife you’re working late, while out with your mistress.

    • Of course, Apple need to build a backdoor and give the govts. of the world access to it. Some may cry about cyber criminals will gain access to the backdoor. But that is no risk as both the U.S. govt. and the rest of the world could never be hacked or leaking stuff. Also, bugs or exploits in the code are not realistic when it comes to Apple.

      Think of the children! Let the terrorists use Samsung and Android instead! Remember Sweden 2017! Remember the horrors of Little Shop of Horrors!


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